CDC’s acro incorporates a dancers athletic character with the technique of classical dance. It combines the effortless flexibility of a dancer with their incredible strength to create unique shapes that mold into a seamless dance routine.



CDC’s classical ballet classes are comprised of a structured class program including barre work, center exercises, across the floor, and stretching. Ballet classes are important for all our competition students to promote discipline and self-regulation.


Cheerleading: CDC’s cheerleading programs maximize the fun by including an exciting mix of instruction, drills, and games to develop the fundamental cheerleading skills of tumbling, stunting, choreography, motions, jumps and performance. CDC has a recreational program in Calgary and All Star program in Aldersyde.  

Contemporary & Lyrical:

Contemporary is an expressive style of dance where we will explore the connection between mind and body through movement and improvisation.

Hip Hop:

Hip-hop is all about self-expression and variety. These classes will focus on a variety of hip-hop styles including funk, street styles, and break dancing. With high energy warm-ups, conditioning, and choreography, the CDC hip-hop curriculum is something you won’t get anywhere else.



Improve technique, flexibility, and core strength while learning the latest styles of Jazz. Specializing in RADAR technique, CDC promotes athleticism and strength of the mind and body.


Lyra/Hoop: Aerial hoop is a unique art form where acrobatics is performed on a circular steel ring suspended from the air. CDC’s aerial hoop focuses on building strength and flexibility. Each student, there we  apply this technique to learning moves and combination in the hoop.  

Mini Movers:

The importance of this program is to commence the proper development and resilience in children to help them later in life. Our preschool program has been developed exclusively by us and is not offered anywhere else.


 The focus in Pom is on lines, formations, cheerleading jumps, form and tumbling, with influences of hip-hop and jazz techniques.  Pom is included in our competitive company.


Aerial silks is a unique art form where acrobatics is performed on long pieces of fabric suspended from the air. CDC’s aerial silks focus on building strength and flexibility. Each student, there we apply this technique to learning moves and combinations in the silks.

Stretch & Strength: 

We provide our students with the knowledge on how to strengthen and stretch their bodies properly, without causing injuries. This program focuses on cross conditioning with the balance of dynamic and static stretching.   



Tap is an excellent way for dancers to learn musicality, rhythm, and coordination which transfers over to numerous other genres of dance. We offer this class to every age group that is available to CDC.