Holiday Market Fundraiser
November 10 to November 24

We are excited to announce our upcoming Holiday Market Fundraiser! 

 We will be selling a variety of items that will make great holiday gifts or to be enjoyed by you and your family.  30% of the profits earned from each athlete’s sales will be set aside for the individual athlete to use toward workshops, events, competitions etc.  The remaining funds will go into the general account to be used towards workshops, events and equipment to enhance the athletes training experience.

   There will be a prize awarded to the cheerleader and dancer with the top sales.

Happy Hippo

BRRR … winter has arrived and so has Happy Hippo Bath Company (based out of Red Deer)  


Since 2007, our team of hard-working moms has been hand making bath and skin care products in small batches every day right from scratch. We use only the finest ingredients and traditional small batch methods of production to ensure you get the freshest, best, most unique skin and bath products every day.


• Pure Epsom Soaks & Epsom Bubble Baths

• Shower Spritzers

• Original Bath Bombs and Bubble Bombs

• Men’s bath products line

• All Natural Shave & Body Wash,

• Essential Oil Bath Bombs and Soaks

• Kids Line of Bath Crayons, Animal Soaps, Happy Doh Bath Soap, and more

• Lotion, Cream and Scrub


We think natural matters. That’s why all products are at least 98% natural. We keep chemical additives out, and that 2% is only ever color and fragrance, keeping our products safe for the whole family – and tub clean up friendly too!


Attached you will find their catalogue, a few specials and an order form.  This fundraiser will run from NOV 9-24 and the product will be received by the beginning of December – so do some Christmas shopping!!  Please forward all orders or questions to Stacey Lutzer at Alternatively, you can order online just by clicking the Happy Hippo CDC store button and using the code CDCFundraising at checkout. 


We just want to clarify the links for the Happy Hippo Fundraiser. Athletes should be selling from the attached catalog and completing the manual order form. The Happy Hippo CDC store should be used to sell to out of town/province friends and family only. When ordering online the code CDCFundraising needs to be used for CDC to receive credit. Online orders only earn 20% vs 30% but ship direct to the customer. We apologize for any confusion.


Keeping with a wintery/holiday theme – how about COOKIES AND TEA AND COFFEE from another Proudly Canadian Company IN-DEY-GO Fundraising (based out of Canmore)


IN-DEY-GO is a 100% Canadian-owned and operated business since 1996.  We are committed to sourcing over 70% of our ingredients locally and from Canadian suppliers. 

COOKIES – 10 Awesome Classic Flavours packaged in a 2.7 lb tub 

Macaroon Cookie Dough Available-have a treat without the wheat!* not certified gluten free- made without wheat

Also available-our famous Doggie Dough! A healthy, nutritious and tail wagging temptation for our loyal companion

Over 70% of the ingredients are sourced from Canadian farmers!

Dough stays fresh for months in the freezer can be thawed and refrozen


COFFEE – 6 delicious gourmet blends available

Coffee is fresh roasted in small batches in the Rocky Mountains of Canmore, AB

All beans are sourced from family farms that are Certified Organic and Fair Trade Certified. Rainforest Alliance is purchased from a Women’s Co-op supporting local area women.

Comes packaged in 14 oz bags

TEA – 6 beautiful blends of high-quality tea available 

Each 50 gram bag of Loose Leaf Tea makes 20-30 cups of gourmet tea

No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives added.

Attached you will find the cookie, tea and coffee flavours and order forms.  This fundraiser will run from NOV 9-24 and the product will be received by the beginning of December – just in time for Christmas baking and gift gifting!!  Please forward all orders or any questions to Korinne Kazias at  Alternatively, you can shop online using the In-dey-do CDC Store button: